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Originally Posted by twobob View Post

A bin file. as knc1 above has stated. is run by your kindle. you drop it on the root of the drive and choose SETTINGS -> UPDATE YOUR KINDLE

Dont open the bin.

If you REALLY REALLY REALLY want to look inside. Niluje provides the packing tools that made it.

To be honest. You dont sound qualified to be poking around in there. Just run the intstaller in the way the README describes...

Opening the bin file is NOT in the README or any set of instructions I ever saw.

Like I said before, follow the instructions. step by step, let me know which step you get stuck on.

1) get file 2) unzip if required 3) stick bin on kindle 4) choose UPDATE YOUR KINDLE from the SETTINGS menu 5) read the relevant docs for any post install configs you may have to do.

That is not THE readme... just a RULE OF THUMB one I made up right now.

Hope it helps.

Also. if you dont know where the docs are? or something? also let us know and maybe we can point you at them. Nilujes stuff always has nice README's or README-1st's.

Give them a once over.

I found them: READ BELOW:

oh i thought you had to open the bin. and geta file specific to your kindle, ill try that, but what do i do then for custom screensavers, i have that big folder in the root called python?
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