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Does Caliber move ebooks to the library?

Hi, another newbie question. Apologies if this has been asked before; I've searched but not found a convincing answer.

The question is, when using "Add Books" to search multiple folders for ebook content to add to the library, does Calibre <b>move</b> or merely <b>copy</b> the files which it finds?

I ask because I wanted to locate an ebook which I had previously downloaded but did not know where it was stored. So I used "Add Books" and allowed it to search my entire computer. The result: a huge number of files of all kinds (.txt, .pdf, etc), mostly help files from various applications, have been added to the library. I don't want them there but do not want to delete them then find that the originals are no longer in their original locations!

Any help would be appreciated.

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