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Originally Posted by trocchietto View Post
I think buying the T2 is the best way to support sony honestly, otherwise we won't never hack a T4....
something more than 100 EU is not too much for such fast ereader with 2 month batteries in my opinion
what nonsense! sorry, but that just had to be written. they design software, that realy limits the user in sooo many ways, that i can hardly understand someone asking ppl to support sony!

i own a prs-t1: and the only good thing about it is that you can root it! the limitations for annotations, the store, etc. beeing a complete pain in the ass.

there are so many nice readers out there from companys that are listening to the ereader community and actually try to diliver something that makes sense - and that do have a very low budget - and you are asking us to support sony? guess you lost me...
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