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EDIT: Figured it out - it worked all along, it just didn't bring the anchor to the top of the page - ADE navigates so my subhead is in the middle of the page. Any way to have the subhead at the top? Or is this just an ADE glitch?

Thank you so much!

Original post, ignore:
OK, I added an "empty" anchor in InDesign (no text highlighted) before my subhead name, added an entry in the ncx file using the … chapterX.html#anchorname code and re-numbered all the navPoints and playOrders in DW.

I now have the correct TOC entry, but it takes me to the beginning of the main chapter - not the anchor within it. I'm previewing in ADE, as my device isn't here - is that the problem, or do I have to do something else to get it to go to the anchor point?

Dreamweaver does show the anchor is in the correct spot (mid-chapter), and I double-checked what I've done so far. Thanks!

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