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Apps override WiFi On/Off

So, in investigating my interest in using maps on my Fire2, I added the Mapquest app. Works nicely. Had it do some routes for me. But what I am really interested in is whether I can use it when I am on the road and away from my wifi. So, to test what it would do when I was out, I turned off the WiFi. I have one of the on/off apps. Then I checked out the maps for the route previously plotted.

I was amazed. I could look at the maps and zoom in and out all around and even far away from the planned route. Fantastic!

Then I notieced that, up in the corner, there was a wifi icon. Hmmm, I was sure I turned that off. So I went to my on/off app. Which showed it ON ... no, wait, it switched to off. So I went back to mapquest, which showed no wifi icon ... oh, wait, there it is again. So I went to the main wifi control page, which showed it on ..., ,no, wait, it jumped to off.

Asbestos I can tell, the Mapquest app overrides the wifi control when it needs data. I suspect other apps do so also, which may explain some peoples battery problems.

BTW, to test the issue, I turned off my wifi hotspot. Without the connection, Mapquest can zoom the graphic but has no map data to show more details.

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