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may I join the club?

Hey guys,

I'm new in the forum, since I have just ordered a M92 as ereader and it will be my first e-ink based reading device (so far I've been using an iPad for such endeavours, and it has performed pretty well I must say, but I still feel my eyes quite tired after 'long' -understanding that as 2 hours or more- reading sessions). I hope that the new M92 will help keep my eyes a little happier...

I've been reading quite a lot these last days about the device, and I must say I'm quite surprised (and happy) to have found this community of people devoted to improving the M92 and developing new software. As far as I can tell, the device is right now pretty popular and considered the state of the art -at least in the 9.7" segment of e-readers. And much of its success comes, without a doubt, from the work done by all of you (and the legendary Booxstor! ). I've been familiarizing myself with how the device is built, with its OS and the SDK...

By the way, I'm a consultant/project manager in my day job , so I'd be happy to try and contribute with something to further improve the device and its capabilities. During these last years I've been stuck in Windows development (mostly .net, both in Vb .net and C#), but I had my fair share of linux/bsd/osx, C/C++ to be comfortable there too (Ive been using linux for more than 15 years... don't ask me how long it took me to get that thing hooked up to the Internets when there were only 14400 modems available... Luckily enough, the brain is selective in terms of the memories kept! ). But it's been quite a long time since last time I programmed under linux! And never for the arm platform, always x86, so some things might be new for me.

Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself to the community. Sorry for the semilong post! I hope that, time permitting, we can build some interesting things for this little and charming device!


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