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"Errors" Purchasing Books from Kobo

Honestly, Kobo has begun to really piss me off these days. I'm a chapters employee who often has lots of good things to say about Kobo, but enough is enough as of today.

I got a chapters giftcard for christmas and went to to purchase three books using the $20 I got on the gift card, store credit from their last mess up, and a couple dollars off the credit card assigned to Kobo.

During the first purchase I had errors crop up, but I went to the library and it showed up in my library. So I did the last two books same thing, though the third took a couple hours to show up. I didn't get the emailed receipts for them but everything was charged appropriately. I downloaded the books to my computer since things were going wonky to be sure I had access to all of them. (Although the third didn't show in library, it allowed me to download the adobe drm epub).

I emailed them about this problem and they emailed me saying they had no record of the purchases. I did screen shots proving I had them in my library, and told them I hadn't received any email receipts. Now I go to make another purchase today, and see my store credit was returned to me, and that the three books have been removed from my account entirely. Only, I've now lost out on the $20 from my giftcard and the $2.15 on my credit card.

I still have access to the books and so technically still paid for them properly, it's ridiculous for them to have removed them entirely from my account when I paid for them.

So I purchased another book today, got the same error, used the store credit that had been refunded and was able to download the adobe DRM epub, but it's again not in my library. I'm beginning to wonder if the store credit will continue to return..

But this is bloody ridiculous.. I shouldn't have to download to ensure I get to keep the books I purchased.

Does anyone have any ideas? I have emailed them about it, not that my last dealing with them did any good and wound up with a pissed off email to them for the first time.
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