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Originally Posted by yro View Post
My personnal needs sounds to fit with the Pocket book. Thanks a lot boogenhagen to have a kindle & a PB . I guess you also have an Oxford dictionary upon your PB. Thanks Zermolm to open the discussion for my own requirements. And thanks Xendula to learn me a bit more about "dictionnaries features". But "can't I have the same dictionnaries upon Kindle & PB ?
I don't see why ? Free dics for one device and not for others because you are linked with Amazon or is it a compatible issue between dics and ereader equipment ?
Iis it just a "payable" issue, free Oxford dic. with the Kindle and not for the PB for instance?
May I access (with the Kindle) inside the text with 2 short taps to the dic entry for the word I want to understand ? 3 seconds like the PB ?
For the PB it sounds you have to choose the dic. in your base before reading. The same with the Kindle ?
For the cloud process Xendula, I can do that with my PC and my provider. With a wifi connexion, what could be the issue with any wifi ereader ?
Thanks a lot for your contributions.
The PB Text to speech is a very useful + for my use and looking at ebook sellers in France epub format sounds to be very used. No issue about my quoted questions (you gave me the answers in different posts) except may be the clouding one. I guess that with the PB I'm able to upload the ebook to the PC disk and if so I can upload it in my private provider cloud ??? No ? Maybe more difficult with the PB than the Kindle but it's not a frequent operation ?
For dictionnary qualities between ereaders I feel it like the subject of a real benchmark. With the PB I can have english, french and spanish dics with right translators. Enough to start !!!
Thanks a lot.
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