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_Very Minimal install_ Borked

So I used the Sony firmware to upgrade my PRS t1 reader to

I then installed the 'Development release' of Absolutely Minimal Root (AMR)

From here:

Ran it and it failed to root first time.

So I ran it again and this time it rooted. I got the third home screen on the reader. However this just contains: 'settings' and 'SuperSu', no terminal, no root explorer..

So I tried to download root explorer via a browser but I get a error message 'no space on device' remove some apps and try again.

However as I said above I have barely any apps installed.

The other thing I notice is that when I mount the reader on a windows machine I still see three partitions: D settings, E (sd card) and F Reader. But windows no longer knows that device F is READER, it just shows it as another drive.

Also whenever I reboot the reader it forgets I have already set language locatation etc and asks me again.

What's gone wrong here? and how can I fix it?


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