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wobohohoho began at the beginning.
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Ooops. Terribly sorry, I didn't specify that what I want is to make it :

    <h1 id="printheader_crumbtrail">
      &gt; Front of Book &gt; Conflicts of interest: none declared
Which what happens when I manually edit using the h1 tag on the Book View.

And <div id="printheader_crumbtrail">\s+(.*?)\s+</div> doesn't seem to work.

Also I can't convert the CHM to epub due to a broken TOC that omits one main chapter (and I've tried Calibre and a few other options), so building it through Sigil seems a much a straightforward job (there's also a weird problem of loss of character sets when I try rebuilding the CHM using WinCHM so I'd rather preserve the decompiled files that retain their appearance in Sigil).
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