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yro began at the beginning.
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My personnal needs sounds to fit with the Pocket book. Thanks a lot boogenhagen to have a kindle & a PB . I guess you also have an Oxford dictionary upon your PB. Thanks Zermolm to open the discussion for my own requirements. And thanks Xendula to learn me a bit more about "dictionnaries features". But "can't I have the same dictionnaries upon Kindle & PB ?
I don't see why ? Free dics for one device and not for others because you are linked with Amazon or is it a compatible issue between dics and ereader equipment ?
Iis it just a "payable" issue, free Oxford dic. with the Kindle and not for the PB for instance?
May I access (with the Kindle) inside the text with 2 short taps to the dic entry for the word I want to understand ? 3 seconds like the PB ?
For the PB it sounds you have to choose the dic. in your base before reading. The same with the Kindle ?
For the cloud process Xendula, I can do that with my PC and my provider. With a wifi connexion, what could be the issue with any wifi ereader ?
Thanks a lot for your contributions.
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