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Originally Posted by Danger View Post
PDF's were never intended to be read on a 6" screen.
Why do people keep bringing up this purely theoretical argument.

Yes, strictly speaking, you're correct. However in everyday practice, a whole bunch of PDFs is what I have (not epub, not txt, not doc, PDF). And no author is even aware of the kind of screen or display it's intended to be read. That's just a technical detail, simply not part of their reality whatsoever.

Does an author working with a 26" monitor ever consider that people with a 15" laptop may want to read the PDF too? No. They're not even aware this is an issue. Does this happen in reality? Yes, of course, all the time.

You want to read a PDF the way it is suppose to be viewed, get an iPad or equivilent tablet.
No, I don't care about the way it is "supposed" to be viewed. (By the way, supposed by whom? Certainly not its author, they don't even know about this)

I want to read a PDF the best way possible, given the material I have: a Kobo Glo.

Converting them to ePub through an external tool usually does a good job (which clearly proves that a very workable acceptable solution exists), albeit a tedious, inconvenient process to do this for every PDF. I think it's extremely user unfriendly that the Kobo eReader doesn't have similar functionality built in.
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