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Manga zoomed out, not displaying full screen?

Hi all, first post here but I hope you guys can help me!

I got a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas, which I am pretty happy with, But I am having a couple of problems.

I have a decent Manga collection, which obviously wasn't bought from Amazon. At the moment I am running the images through Mangai into PDF (to cut any borders off) and then through Calibre to convert to AZ3 or Mobi for the kindle.

Why not just stay in PDF? Because for some reason the text on the pdf is patchy and just changing format fixes it so its readable without zooming in. BUT the Manga still has a couple of things on screen I want to try and get rid of so I'm actually reading in fullscreen.

Here is an example of a comic bought on the kindle store:

You see how it is fullscreen, very nice indeed!

Now compare that with my Mobi/AZ3 attempt:

Clearly not fullscreen. The comic has been cut to borders and is only as high or as wide as the resolution of the kindle (MangAI does this so it SHOULD be either as wide as the screen or as long as the screen).

Am I doing something wrong? Does Kindle use a different format for It's store comics that makes it not have the other stuff on the screen? The other thing is "panel view" doesn't work on anything I make.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Other than this it is an amazing product!

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