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Kobo Problems 2 days after opening

Had the Kobo Glo 2 days now (xmas present) and it's been nothing but trouble. I've been using a HP Ipaq for years to read, screwing up my eyes, and so this was a much sought-after gift. Sadly, though, nothing seems to work with Kobo as it should.

1. Using an SD card just seems to crash the whole thing every time, even if the card has only a few books on it.

2. The screen is unresponsive most of the time and very very slow.

3. I've been using it for two days and it has crashed four times since, leaving me with the only option but to do a factory reset, losing all the books I'd put on it. So frustrating.

4. There is an after-image (not sure if this is intentional) whenever you turn the page or go to another menu.

5. Can't read PDFs, which is a big let down. Well, you can sort of read them, but there's no reflow so it makes it impossible in some cases to read.

I do have a question. Is it possible that dirt under the screen protector could interfere with the screen? I've noticed some dirt under the screen protector since I lifted one corner to flatten it out, but it's not that noticeable. Wondered if anyone else had a similar problem.
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