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It took me some time because I had been busy, but I finally installed the latest firmware yesterday. Overall I'm quite pleased, especially in regard to annotations and file management, but I have a few observations/requests:

1. The new cropping tools of the pdf reader are quite effective, but they are also quite confusing. It took me a couple of hours before I had a good grasp of how they work. Part of the confusion comes from the way they are organised, which does not help you to understand that some modes work well together, and some are not meant to be combined. I think that the menu should be organised in a way which makes clear that there are different layers of settings.

2. The new pdf reader still lacks a full screen mode - DISREGARD THIS - it was observed before properly applying the patch. Thank you for the new full screen mode

3. While I read mostly academic pdfs, I also read some fiction in epub format. The new pdf reader is becoming quite effective, but cool reader is a bit buggy. For instance, occasionally it will refuse to open an epub file, or clicking on a link may also turn to the next page. Deleting the cr3 folder (thus clearing the settings) seems to help a little. I know I can use the pdf reader, but I feel that cool reader is much better for epub files, so I'd like to see its bugs fixed.

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