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Disabled links in Epub to pdf

Hello, here's yet another conversion question.

So let me explain my problem briefly:

I've got an epub file written with Sigil. This file contains inner and outer links. I convert this file to pdf thanks to Calibre. The generated pdf is perfect but the links, even if they look correct, won't work: they cannot be clicked.

Is there a way to make links work in calibre? Or to edit the generated pdf manually?

Some technical data:

I use Calibre's latest version (0.9.11) and Sigil 0.6.2. The epub html is valid. For conversion, I disabled heuristic processing, selected default input and output profiles, and left other options alone.

I must say that I'm really impressed by the quality of the pdf output, because I realize how complex are the involved processes. I already read every piece of data I could find about calibre conversions, and pdf problems. I also searched in the forum for a few hours before asking. At last, I'm asking this question because I found some people here stating that links were working in their generated pdf.

Thank you for your attention and time.
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