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Nook HD+ Questions

Hey all,

I am looking for a good color tablet/ereader to read large sized color PDFs (like textbooks) and some CBZ comic files.

I was considering a Nook HD+....but have a few questions about it.

If anyone could chime in, I'd really appreciate it!

1) How easy is it to sideload PDF and CBZ to this HD+? I have Nook ST, and it's as easy as dragging and dropping the files to My Books it the same on a Nook HD+?

2) Proprietary charging cable? Yikes! Any cheap sources online for this cable? I don't like the idea of proprietary cables, especially for what BN charges for replacements.

3) Rooting....what is this? Is it something I want to do? I never bothered looking up 'rooting' for my Nook ST, because frankly, all I need it for is to read streaming text...which it does perfectly out of the box. Would you recommend rooting this? I assume rooting means wiping the BN OS off of it, and replacing with with a stock Android OS...will this break any of the reading functionality of the device?

4) Weight...this looks to weigh a bit less than the ipad it comfortable to hold for long periods?

5) What's it like on the eyes trying to read text files like epub? Good, or should I stick with the Nook ST for epub and text files?

Sorry for all the questions, but I'd appreciate any help/advice!
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