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Kindle Fire Terms

Just got my Kindle Fire yesterday. I consider myself a power user in Windows, have had a jailbroken Kindle Touch for a year, mildly familiar with my wife's 2nd gen Kindle Keyboard, vaguely familiar with my Mother-in-law's iPad 1. Am mostly lost with Fire.

I think big problem is terminology. I have been reading the tips and tricks thread. It refers to things like Stock Browser. Is that the previous generation of Silk or is it something else? I found reference to Pulse being a built-in. Cannot find such and find a number of things named Pulse for download. (I have some download issues too.) And then there are things telling me to go to the Appstore for Android. I think I found it ... but it doesn't call itself that ... so I'm not sure.

And then there is the aforementioned downloading issues. I have succeeded in downloading some things from the App store. Wifi Analyzer. Wifi File Explorer Pro, World of Goo. Even Pulse News finally showed up. But they took hours (literally, like maybe 4 hours after the screen said it had been ordered). And neither Gmail nor Maxthon has shown up yet, though Maxthon warned me it might not work. Is that (the long delay) normal? The Touch wasn't like that.

One last newbie query. When I linked the mail app to my Gmail account it appeared to offer to symc my contacts and calendar, which I accepted. Some messages here indicated that the contacts should show up in the contact app. They have not. And where would the calendar sync show up?

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