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Should I buy an ebook reader now or wait?


I am trying to get an ebook reader to read technical books like this in PDF and CHM formats:

From what I know the whole e-ink/e-reader market is not very new. But when I did a bit of research, I realized there seems to be still a lot of issues and problems with these devices and the tech is still lacking, i.e. color, etc.

Basically I found a lot of interesting products that never seem to have been released, so vaporware. Some of the products I found were old with no newer versions, i.e. Asus ereader from 2010.

So that's why I wanted to ask if there might be some good products released next year or is what we have most likely will still be pretty much the best you can have for several years, until they really make some new breakthroughs, and wait for maturity?

I read Amazon will bigger readers next year, but not sure if they will or if this is good for people living in Canada like me.

I always heard of people using ereaders for a long time, so by now I thought they would have full 1080p color e-ink readers that are super responsive and very stable, especially given their price

But don't get me wrong, all I am looking for a good quality reader, not a tablet, so not asking for tablet features.

Please share your opinions, recommendations, expectations and experiences

Also happy xmas to all
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