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Exclamation little something when using calibre

Originally Posted by Dc5e View Post
  • .NET 4.0 Framework
  • Batch image editor
  • Kindlegen with KF8 support.
  • Patience

What it does:
The Kindle Paperwhite's image editor no longer stores last read location, so my solution is to create a .mobi Panel View comic book (images fill the screen). This program will generate the .html, .opf, and .ncx files for Kindlegen to generate the .mobi.

How to use:
  1. Prepare comic/manga images using a batch image editor (IrfanView, Photoshop, etc) or Mangle. Resize the images to 758x1024 in .png or .jpg formats and apply any other sharpening/processing as you wish. Other resolutions may give errors during Kindlegen. I recommend converting to 8-bit grayscale to save space.
  2. Organize the images into folders (Use leading 0's to avoid file ordering problems). For example,

    C:\Naruto\Chapter 001\
    C:\Naruto\Chapter 001\001.png
    C:\Naruto\Chapter 001\002.png
    C:\Naruto\Chapter 002\
    C:\Naruto\Chapter 002\001.png
    C:\Naruto\Chapter 002\002.png

  3. Open KindleComicParser.exe (attached to this post), type in a title name into the textbox, click process, and select C:\Naruto.
    A message should pop up once complete, and C:\Naruto should be filled with a .opf, .ncx, and many .html files.
  4. Run Kindlegen (link to download page) on the .opf file. Depending on how many images you have, this may take awhile. Once completed, the .mobi file should be in the directory.
  5. Remove the SRCS record to reduce the .mobi filesize in half. You can use Kindlestrip.
  6. Copy the .mobi file to your Kindle!

  • 0.2.1 - Changed to use .NET 4.0 to hopefully eliminate any backwards compatibility issues
  • 0.2 - Added Command line ability
  • 0.1 - Initial Version
Thanks it works like a charm =D!

Just something you all should notice: If you try to use Calibre to add this MOBI to your device make sure you disable the "Send page number" (for PW and Touch) because it makes Calibre crash.

Menu Toolbar with device connected > Device > Configure this device ---> Uncheck the "Send page number information..."

Im using Calibre because i wanted to manage the metadata for collections so i noticed this. If it's already been said just dont mind me =P
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