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Kindle PW delayed activation

I ran into the same problem as a previous poster, I just got a KPW, FW 5.3.1, did the jailbreak, python hack, then screensaver hack. Still had the stock screensavers after the update. smo84 said after a few restarts it worked, so I tried several restarts, still nothing. It also sounded like he had added a few screensavers, so I added 2 screensavers, saving the original 'Successful Install' ss as well, for a total of 3 screensavers. On that restart I got the 'checking for screensavers' message, and it worked like a charm on start up. Just wanted to post my experience in case you end up doing some debugging on this. Thank you for your great work!


So it turns out that anytime I restart the kindle pw while it is plugged into my computer, it does not look up my custom screensavers and loads the stock screens. If the kindle is not plugged in, the custom screens load just fine. So make sure to not only eject the kindle from computer, but also unplug it.

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