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My Kindle totally locks up now and again (K3 Keyboard)

Recently my K3 Keyboard has been totally locking on the ScreenSaver for no apparent reason?

I can be reading it one night, lock it, go to sleep and try and read it the next day and it won't budge from the ScreenSaver until I plug it into the wall for a while. It then does a full reboot (with the progress bar scrolling) and appears to be normal.

I have done the 20 hour recharge and still it appears to do the same, it doesn't happen all the time, just now and again.

I am on the latest firmware and I am jailbroken with NiLuJe's Jailbreak and a screensaver hack.

It has worked fine up till about 2 weeks ago when it started doing this, I haven't changed anything in this time?

Anyone have any ideas!



Oh, and Merry Christmas (or Insert whichever religious festival you celebrate in your part of the world)

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