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PB Touch Preinstalled Dictionaries

Hi all,

I'm researching a new ereader and currently investigating dictionary support. I was very pleased to see that Abbyy dictionaries are available for PB since I use them on the desktop and have been very satisfied with them. My needs are:
  • Russian - English
  • Italian - English
  • English - English

For desktop I have:
  • Oxford Paravia Concise (It-En) (for ABBYY Lingvo x3) Concise Oxford Paravia Italian Dictionary, 3rd Edition. 2003 Paravia Bruno Mondadori Editori e Oxford University Press. 175000 entries
  • Universal (Ru-En) (for ABBYY Lingvo x3) The New Comprehensive Russian-English Dictionary. Russkiy Yazyk - Media, 2004, D.I. Yermolovich, T.M. Krasavina. 110,000 words and phrases.

and other special purpose Russian dictionaries. For English - English I have been satisfied enough with "Electronic Pocket Oxford English Dictionary" which I bought for Mobipocket (although it is very brief so some improvement would be nice here).

Now I can see that the Italian and Russian dictionary I mentioned above are available from the Obreey store for $9.99 and $5.99 respectively and that "New Oxford American Dictionary" is available for $28.99.

But what comes preinstalled? I assume this will vary from country to country. I would probably be purchasing mine from Pixmania in Sweden.

Thanks in advance.
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