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First off: Your software is incredible, i have so many pdfs that will be saved by this! =)
You're making my Kindle Paperwhite double as useful!

Yet, I still have some minor problems:

1. I want to preserve vertical gaps in the document to distinguish chapters and at least keep the feeling of the original layout, even if i can't keep the pagebreaks. The -bp does that fine, but it of course also leaves every second page of text half empty due to original pagebreaks.

I tried with -vs 2.5, but it only recognizes gaps that don't have a pagebreak inbetween. When there is a pb, the next chaptertitle is directly pressed to the foregoing text. Is there any workaround for me?
Maybe a little more elaborated command with "if"-conditions?

2. Is there any way to keep pictures on one page except for -f2p -1? Because this makes the text size jump.
I'm on a Kindle Paperwhite and already adjusted the resolution to 768x1024 pixels.

(...and last, no problem, since I use the GUI mostly for it's tooltips as a help:
3. I can't get the windows GUI to give me native pdf output, also not with the added command line saying -n. The k2pdfopt.exe is the newest version of course. )

These are btw the overall commands:
-mode fw -ls- -om 0.2,0.2,0.2,0.2 -m 0,0.9,0,0 -w 768 -h 1024 -vs 2.5

The -ls- turns the pdf to portrait again after the otherwise superb "fixed width" mode.
I put an overall 0.2 margin, so it won't look so pressed.
On the top -mt 0.9 cuts off the page numbers.
Resolution is adjusted to the resolution of my Kindle Paperwhite.
... and -vs 2.5 is the command in question.

Thanks so much in advance! =)
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