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Originally Posted by csg1964 View Post
I have hundreds of books... maybe closer to a thousand.

I don't mind having a Kindle for PC for my Kindle format, and Calibre for all the rest.

I'm just not sure why having multiple formats is desirable for a personal collection, and I'm not really wanting to convert books I've downloaded in the Kindle format into a format for my Calibre.
Hi csg! I'm also pretty new, and I think you may be under some of the same false assumptions that I was originally. I hope all the following info is correct (since I'm also pretty new). If it isn't, hopefully one of the gurus will correct any wrong info.

First, Calibre is not primarily an ereader, but an ebook ORGANIZER. As such, there is really nothing akin to a "Calibre format". What happens with Calibre, is that it creates a library of any books that you import into it. When you look at an individual book, it tells you how many formats of that book that you have (and which formats they are). You can then use various tags and categories to organize what you have.

I have a situation similar to what you have. I have a Nook Color that I have sideloaded a number of books onto from various sites, as well as having books on it that I bought from B&N. However, it has gotten really tough to organize everything, and I actually bought duplicates a couple of times. Therefore, I loaded everything into Calibre in order to have a database of everything that I read. I have everything organized into series (and even "sub-series"), and have created a custom column that gives me a read/unread toggle.

Hopefully this helps.
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