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Thx meme (Sigil & calibre developer)

Originally Posted by meme View Post
The next version will actually provide a dockable Clips window like the Table of Contents window to make this even easier.

.......But if they really want to go that route they would do well to read through the user guide regarding styles, and then clips.

Mostly because most books are not in colour, and coloured text may not show up well on most of the greyscale readers.....

Remember that Sigil is for creating ebooks as everyone has said, and its not really a reader with highlighting abilities.
Thanks a lot for your answer meme!!

I started this thread, because I study every week selected material from epubs and have still the need to print it out. I didn't find a better programm than Sigil for it. Calibre is nice (can't hightlight text neighter even it is a pure ebook reader), but Calibre doesn't copy the material in a right way into word like Sigil does for further refinement.

My vision:
We are pretty in the beginning of epub's reader and editor's. In only few years, I could imagen that even Word will be able to read and maybe to edit epubs without the need for any HTML code's.

Refering to ebook readers; they will be aplenty in color available soon too and in e-ink quality. My next investment for business and privat use will be a WIN Surface Pro with Windows 8 (available in January 2013). It's still the first of it's kind, but it will bring a significant change and shows where we are going in the future. I think plenty of business people want to make notes and highlight text wile reading a ebook and maybe also have later the need of printing some of it out...

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