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Originally Posted by cybmole View Post
surely that is the most efficient solution - even if you could highlight in sigil, sooner or later you will want to extract the highlights so why not copy/paste as you go, with 2 windows side by side?
HTML links should also copy over & work ok in word.

you can highlight very easily in some e-readers e.g. my Sony does it, but there's no way to then copy the annotations from the e-reader back onto a PC.

I think kindle is the only reader that makes that easy, but then you are into a different ebook format.

PS - it's CTRL + click to open a URL link in Word.
If the URL links would work when copy and paste from Sigil into word, I guess wouldn't have open this thread, because then are only the pictures are missing. But because you don't copy a whole epub book into word, the links are broken. But even if you would copy the whole book I doubt that the links would work anyway. I would be happy if I'm wrong here. I work with Win Word 2007, maybe a newer version can do it?
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