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Hi all! I'm fairly new to Calibre and am just learning my way around epubs, so I'm trying to wrap my brain around how Calibre handles metadata. I have many old ebooks that were originally in .LIT format, as well as many ebooks by indie authors. It's obvious that a lot of them were converted by some automated package or other, and a lot of them seem to have a LOT of problems, weird editing problems, TOC problems, etc.

I'm a programmer myself, so I thought I'd see what I could do to clean some of them up before I get my new tablet. This plug-in looks like an EXCELLENT way to get a lot of it done. Nice work, kiwidude!

As part of the process of cleaning things up, do I understand correctly that changing metadata in Calibre just writes to the metadata.opf file that's found in the same folder/directory as the epub file and leaves the content.opf file alone until you save/send the epub?

If so, does the option to clean up the non dc: metadata JUST clean up the content.opf file? I'm wondering if I can clean up the original content.opf with the "remove non dc:" option, then run the "update metadata" to merge the metadata.opf and content.opf files? I don't want to lose all my series and custom column info since I'll be using CC when I get my new tablet.

in advance for answering newb questions.
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