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I tried COPS 0.2.3 on a Synology DS-211j and it works fine - in principle.

Using my Windows Webbrowser or a Linux box "wget", everything works as designed.

If I access COPS via the Kobo Touch browser, I see the starting page, but every click just seems to reload the (current) starting page. I can't get to any of the subpages. Btw - this also happens on your cops demo server.

With my wife's Sony PRS-T2 I can open and navigate the site(s) fine, but I get errors when trying to download a book. The reader says "Download not possible. Content is not supported on device".
Using wget, I got a mimetype of "application/octet-stream" both on my and on your demo server, though as far as I could see in the source, epub should send an "application/epub+zip" mimetype.

Am I doing something wrong? I'm new to ebook readers (and calibre and cops).

Oh, I forgot - the Kobo Touch is firmware 2.1.5 (12.10.12), the Sony PRS-T2 is ver
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