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Originally Posted by new View Post
I also have the Paperwhite for almost a month now. I have been so deprived of techy toys for over a year or more, lol. SO last night I used the PW to read for several hours. Then I end up listening to the Ipod Touch for Audible books. I have trouble sleeping as you can see. Then I read for 2 hours on the SGP5, and it is wonderful to read on. As Blossom said with Screen Dim you can adjust to your liking in the middle of the night, as well as change fonts, backgrounds. She likes Mantano, I ended up with Moon + and like it as well as she likes Mantano. I can change everything to my liking.


I'll check out the Google Talk, but my family all have Skype accounts so perhaps I'm just better with that. Can Google talk make calls to a landline or mobile phone?

I have a google voice phone number setup that I have given people to call. This number is setup (by me) to forward to my home and cell phone (when they are on). I get messages sent to my email (google setup again). I like it, it is free for now. I don't know anything about Skype, sorry.

One more question. (This is so great for me, a big help!). Can you rate the reading experience Paperwhite vs SGP5 vs KFHD? I figured it wouldn't be enough difference to buy the PW along with the SGP5. I have a 9.7" DXG kindle which I read on most evenings. It is a big large and heavy in general (but great for PDFs), so for mobi I'd prefer a smaller reader. My 6"K3keyboard(3G) is at my country cottage, so I could use the SGP at home if it really is good enough for reading. I used a 5" jetBook for about 18 months (till I got the kindle) and it was quite good. The quick page turns made up for the smaller screen size. I still carry it with me for office appts and travel, as I even find the 6"kindle to be large'ish for carrying. It even reflows pdf which is nice. But the SGP5 screen should be whiter and better by far.

I too had a Kindle DX, it is great, but I read in the dark, so I got tired of book lights. It is in the closet now. I think it just depends on your eyes, your uses, and are you addicted to reading, lol. The Paperwhite is good, but I am getting partial to the SGP5 for night reading also. The KFHD is good too, but it is heavier. The SGP5 is a bit heavy (compared to the Ipod Touch) but if you are a middle of the night user I lean these on my little pillow on my tummy (lol) so don't notice the heavy factor at all.

I read two to three books at the same time, on different readers. You just get addicted to different books and are in the mood to read one or another.

As for audiobooks, I am switching to listening to Library books and I have to start using Windows (doing that this weekend) for the wma. I am going to start using that little Sansa gadget that is in the closet right now for that. I had Audible for a year, but costs to much for me right now. Also takes too much space on my gadgets. It was good for a year, but need to cut costs.

I think that I'll probably hold off on second purchases and see/test the SGP5 when I get there. I'll see if I can try out both Mandano and Moon+. The kindles all have 2-day delivery, so I can decide later. Economically, I should resist unless there is a compelling reason. I'm not seeing one right now. The SGP5 sounds better-and-better from what you and Blossom write. I also bought a Sansa Clip Zip for audio books (and a case with speakers + marshmallow headphones that Blossom recommended - seriously, she has great recommendations!) while I walk, which I do for about 2 hrs a day. Haven't used audible for years, perhaps will try the free sample book in January. So I should be pretty well covered.

I just have such a small window of opportunity for purchases without the fuss and expense of shipping to Europe. Even or Germany is more expensive for me (and they do not always ship here).
Thanks again for your help with this!

(PS My husband just got a gorgeous 11" Sony Vaio Duo tablet yesterday (from work) - so I could borrow that for any large doc reading/movies at night - if I can pry it away from him!)
I can't decide which I like the best, I love them all. I have not been using the KFHD right now as much because the 30 days are up. The PW and SGP5 are still in the 30 day window so I am making sure they don't break. I read on the PW during the day too and it looks better in the daylight, so I am not really hooked on night reading as much on it as the SGP5 or the KFHD. But the PW is still better than a booklight.

I apologize for the bold, but the quotes were messed up a bit on your posting, and I can't deal with the editing for the quotes on my end.

Oops, I think you asked about the SGP5 using Google Talk. I ended up downloading the App Talkatone from Google Play Store and it works great. So you can use the SGP5 as a phone using your home wireless. You can get your messages there too. It works better than on the Ipod Touch. Something is weird with Ipod Touch Talkatone, it doesn't show contacts list. But it works.

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