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Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
@WeekendMedic - performance of merging is nothing to do with this plugin. Calibre does not scale well when it comes to performance once you get above 10,000 titles.
Kiwidude - thanks for the reply, good to hear that your side of the world is still there (12/21/12 and all).

I understand that the merging performance isn't part of the plugin - is there any way to allow the plugin to move on to the next group while merge toils in the background? I copied 100 books off to a second library with duplicates present, found similar speeds in merging titles in that (little) library as I do in my big one. I realize the application is doing relatively heavy background work when I ask it to merge, just wondering if I have to wait to select the next merging pair (or triplet, etc) until after the first pair have completed.

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