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Well I explicitly emailed the Kobo helpdesk in advance, asking if I could read custom PDFs on the Glo (rather than being limited to ePub or DRM formats or whatnot). And their answer was yes, they were fully supported.

Was I supposed not to trust their answer and do an extensive technical research myself?

Originally Posted by allypink View Post
Portable Document Files are fixed to a size on their first build; and that's usually to the size and format convenient to the original author. Unless the PDF file was set-out for Kobe size and format then the magnify and pan is the best you can hope for.
Well, no, properly supporting PDF by just reflowing the text (or at least the option to do so) was actually what I hoped for.

To be honest I feel rather disappointed with the Kobo Glo because of this blatant shortcoming. The device itself seems fine, the screen is great and I like the light function. It's just the stupid software implementation that makes it suck, which is a shame
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