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Angry What a Calibred Mess

Everybody and their dog is raving about Calibre.
Indeed it is the best doc conversion software to be found, and it has an excellent reading interface. But here it ends.
As for the rest, it is catastrophic.
It would have been so simple, so obvious, to program this "book manager" as any library, book shop, librarian and book-lover classify their books and have been doing all over the world and in any language, that is to display titles starting with the surname, then the name, then the series if any, and then the title - with the article in its due place and not thrown out or at the end of said title.
In its marketing purpose, I suppose, to be original at all cost, now instead of having one document labeled according to basic logic, Calibre enables each user to set their own display system (Name, surname or surname, name, series, title with the article (The or A) at the end or before -- Series, title + article at the end or before, surname, name or name, surname -- Title, name, surname or surname, name, series… etc., etc., you see what I mean). Titles are chopped up in bits and the e-book seldom retains even its name proper in full. And I haven't mentioned missing spaces gluing words together and underscores.
What with all the e-book sharing going around, and everybody using Calibre, personal libraries have become an appaling mess, and duplicates, triplicates, a curse.
Thank you not, Calibre. Your book management defies reason and good sense and poisons our lives. For we can't help squandering a precious time trying to clean up this chaos.
Will you try to do something about it ??

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