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Has your wife side-loaded books on the arc? By going into the Kobo app and hitting import books?

I havent worked on the reading app myself, but I have forwarded this question to the right team.

Let me know if your wife did sideload the books.

Originally Posted by Carpman View Post
Perhaps you are able to answer this for me? I posted this earlier today

"I have been getting to know my Arc over the past few days along with using Android File Transfer, so that I can try and understand the device a little better!

I have been looking at the folder structures on my Arc and decided to compare them with the same structures on my wife's Arc.

My wife's Arc in the Kobo folder has sub folders:

These do not show in the Kobo file structure on my own Arc.

Not sure why these would be different, apart from when I went to Google Play it offered a Kobo update for my Arc, which I took, yet my wife's Arc was not offered this update. Both devices where purchased within a week of each other so I assume they are from the same production batch?

Are my missing folders important, if they are how do I mount them on my Arc.

I have had a brief trawl around the web but cannot see an answer. I have tried creating a new folder, however AFT will not let me rename it nor will it allow me to drag/drop it into the Kobo folder.

So I am here for some expert advice, or do I leave well alone?

If someone has an answer, please make it really simple as I know nothing much about Android, this being my first venture into it".


Carpman (Peter)
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