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Hi Clayton,

Here is my MyClippings file from a Kindle 4 No Touch. Would you be able/prepared to produce an import pattern for it? I would appreciate it!

Many thanks.


Originally Posted by ccd314159 View Post
Good afternoon all,

I wanted to export Kindle Clippings into Evernote. Found Klippings and made an Export Pattern. The flexibility was fantastic. Unfortunately, I ran into a bunch of little issues:
  • Klippings only attached Notes if they were listed after Highlights. The Touch now adds Notes *before* highlights.
  • Klippings matched Notes based on date. The new software includes seconds on the date function. As a result, notes and highlights were often failing to match.
  • On older notes (without seconds) mismatches were possible for a variety of reasons.
  • Evernote has an explicit "Author" field so I wanted access to the Author in the Kindle book title.
  • I wanted more control over Attached Notes formatting. The highlight delimter logic didn't permit my usual syntax.
Fortunately, thearr put the source into the public domain so I was able to make this (and many more) modifications to the system. I reached out to thearr to see if he wanted to integrate these changes into his codebase, got no response, and released it on my own (under GPL) as DaleyKlippings.

You can find more information as well as the current version at:

In theory, patterns from Klippings will continue to work in DaleyKlippings. However, they will not take full advantage of the new fields, etc. If you can give me a sample file for testing purposes, however, I'd be happy to upgrade the patters to take advantage of the full power of DaleyKlippings.
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