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Gumby thank you sooooo much for answering my questions.
I'm just learning how this forum works and I'm a little confused about where to post and I still don't know how to find out if someone has answered other then searching my name. I think you're the only one who has. I can now see my PDF files. What I'm trying to do is put all my recipes on my tablet. Most of them are in Word, some of them I'll have to scan from cookbooks or take a picture of them - but than they would be in JPG and I would rather have them all in the same format. I was told when I bought the Arc that I would have to reformat those Word files in PDF. Do you think I can use an App such as Quick office pro to view word files?
Also I 've been trying to watch some program on web sites where it says that I need to download Flash player. Flash player doesn't work on Kobo, is there an other App to use?

Originally Posted by JD Gumby View Post
Open the Acrobat Reader app.
Click on the menu icon in the top-left of the title bar.
Switch to Documents.
Click the dropdown in the title bar and select Folder View.
Navigate your way to to where ever you stored the PDF you want to read.

They can go pretty much anywhere. Most apps'll move or copy them to their own spot (not Acrobat Reader, though). For your PDFs, unless you're the obsessive type who has to have everything perfectly organized, I'd suggest just creating a PDFs directory in the main folder (/sdcard) and putting them there so you can find them easily.

For the Kobo app, you have to use the Import menu option (and even then you can only import DRM-free ePub files)....

Well, yeah. You have to actually go in and place them somewhere inside the /sdcard folder, preferably in a subfolder there.

Unfortunately, from the sounds of it, the Support people don't really know about the Arc and might think you're talking about one of the eInk ereaders, or perhaps the Vox...

The Arc doesn't attach as a traditional removable storage device, and seems to do all write operations immediately instead of caching them. Still, it's probably best to wait 10 seconds or so after the last time you access a file on the Arc (opening a file, editing a file, or copying a file to it, for example) before unplugging it.

Unfortunately, I have no idea which apps there are, or which are best, but I'm certain there's plenty in the Play Store. Do a search for "office", perhaps.

You should've gotten two free books inside the Kobo app - a Star Trek comic and a book of photographs. And maybe a third, "Margarita Nights" (I think that's it), an epub - not sure if it comes with the Arc, though, as I'd gotten it when logging in on a non-Arc device.
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