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Kiwidude and others, thanks so much for all of your efforts to make Calibre so amazing.

I manage a very large library (hovering just over 62k titles currently), and use the Find Duplicates plugin often. I generally weed my library by using Find Dups->Find Book Dups->Title/Author->Fuzzy->Fuzzy->Show All Groups. Because I generally auto-import large collections, I tend to get about 5000 dup sets per search, with about 10k titles.

My server (dedicated to this application) is a Windows 7 64bit install, 1.5gHz, 2GB ram, HP box with 4TB in 2 logical drives. With little else running on the box other than Calibre, I'm finding it very slow to work through duplicates, and wonder if I can use the plugin better, or if I'm pushing it too hard.

When I get my duplicate search results, I skip to the bottom of the list to find the sets with many duplicates, and select the title I want to merge into, then ctrl-click the others , hit "m" to merge, and then I wait.

I know what the app is doing in the background, it's doing a fair amount of work to merge the titles. My question is - is there a way for the application to make that work happen in the background, so that I can go on an work on the next group? Perhaps queue the merg up to happen a little later (or as the server is available)?

If I can make this go faster, I can work my giant duplicate list down toward zero, and make it manageable for the future. With the long pause after each merge command is sent, it's tough to keep up. Is there a better way?


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