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If that is double spaced, then:

Conversion preferences, Look and feel, Minimum line height. There is a tooltip there that explains that the default 120% is single space and 240% is double space.

Nice font, will be interested if it can be identified.

Originally Posted by arrowlight View Post

I am producing .epub files from Adobe InDesign (an old version, cs3).

Like others, I'm having a problem controlling line height when converting to .mobi. I've tried converting to azw3 but it doesn't show up on the kindle.

Attached is an image showing the kind of line-height I want. I've tried setting both line-height settings on Calibre to zero, and tried setting them very high, but no effect. I've tried increasing the line-height in the source (indesign) document, no effect.

Also, does anybody know what font this is, in the attached image? Basically I'd like to format my material just like this if I can. This seems to be the format of many purchased books.

Advice or input on both the line-height and the font much appreciated.


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