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What's good in the 9.7" e-ink world? M92?

Hello all!
I am thinking about selling one of my two full sized Edges and getting an M92. I tried to get some feedback on the Onyx boox forum, but I realized that it's hard to compare with the EE unless you know everything that it can do. So, I decided to come back here and see if anyone here knows how the current options stack up.

I'm thinking about the M92 since it seems to have nice hardware and a good developer community. The pearl screen is the main attraction, and a few of the annotation/scribble features look even better than the edge (it resizes handwritten notes as you resize the document, which is pretty nice).

I know that it won't be able to offer all of the advantages of the edge (so sad to say these almost three years later that this is still the case), but does anyone have experience with these devices? Mostly I'm looking for good reading and highlighting/annotating possibilities with the most mobility possible. For example, the one thing I really miss on the edge (other than the awesome pearl screen), is the ability to batch export multiple annotated pdfs. Getting them off the device easily is a big feature!

Any thoughts?
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