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Pat yourself on the back for the spacing between paragraphs went out with the typerwriter comment....cheers. I am not writing a novel here. I need spaces between sections of information, for example I have hundreds of points of contact that need to be in a handbook and instead of having all that contact information run together it looks much better when there is a blank space between each contact. If you set the space after attribute to the paragraph style it adds spaces between each line of text when I copy and paste the info from the original document. I see why people suggest staying away from Indesign as a foundation for ePub creation but when its all you have thats what I have to work with. Some of you make it sound like no one in their right mind would ever use ENTER to add spaces in any type of document. If that is the case then why would Adobe even bother to remove that feature from Indesign seeings that no one does that. Oh well, I guess I will be uninstalling Indesign and reinstalling without the latest update. Thanks for your input.
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