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Author and author sort fields and importing books

Hi. So for some reason I cannot ever completely wrap my head around the author and author sort fields in Calibre and how to make it so my books appear correctly on my Kindle Touch.

I want the author names to show up in the index naturally, ie "Stephen King", but the authors to be sorted by last name. I can never remember how to do this, and I always have to dig to find it when I have new books to import to my Kindle, and it required doing something nonintuitive like converting my books. So I'm starting my own topic. Can someone please give me a succinct explanation of how to do this? It would also be wonderful if Calibre made it easier to do this. Why isn't it sufficient to simply make sure the author and author sort fields are correct?

Also, and even more annoying, I recently got a new computer (switched from a desktop Windows PC to a Macbook) and imported my library from my Kindle instead of trying to figure out how to import from one computer to the other. Now the author field in all my books has been replaced with the author sort field in Calibre, so now both fields show "King, Stephen". Am I going to have to manually reconvert my whole library again? Thanks and double thanks.

EDIT: Also, after restoring my library from my Kindle, anything added to the Kindle from the previous Calibre library does not show up as "On Device" when the Kindle is plugged in. Only the books bought and downloaded from Amazon or anything imported to the device using the current Calibre installation. So I'd like an efficient way to fix the current Calibre library so the author field is consistently "Stephen King" and not a mix of "Stephen King" and "King, Stephen", and to get Calibre to recognize those books that came from the device as on the device. Thanks!

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