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I have been learning how to transfer ebooks from calibre to my new Ipad mini. The fastest way is 'over the air'. I had only one problem with this compared to using iTunes.

The cover of the book was not showing on the Ibook bookshelf on the Ipad although it was when using sync on ITunes.

I investigated this and found a website explaining that Apple look for a line in the Metadata that does not seem to be standard. This is as follows:

<meta content="cover.jpg" name="cover"/>

cover.jpg being the id for the cover image file.

I could not find any way of adding this using Calibre or Sigil's Metadata editors so added this manually using Sigil.

After I did the problem has been solved. The cover image does display on the Ibooks bookshelf and also as the first page of the book.

Was editing the ebook metadata manually the only way to make this alteration?

Thanks for any advice

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