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Originally Posted by doubi View Post
the main complaint i probably have for the light is that can be seen from pictures in this forum by other members is you can see that the first inch of the screen has some vertical darkish lines down it. almost like smudges.


anyone else notice this??
Yes, same here. The smudges are somewhat distracting. I've been using the new case for three night reading in bed. While I have no real trouble with "getting into the book"while using the reading light the overall image quality of the text does suffer. Besides the smudges the contrast of the e-ink display is not nearly as good compared to a situation with plenty of ambient light. The background is sort of grayish so that it puts more strain on my eyes.

I come from using a pocket pc device (iPAQ hx4700) which had the same contrast day or night, depending on the backlight level which needed to be adjusted properly. It's weakness was that using it in direct sunlight it did not work well. Also brightness uniformity was never a problem. But then the screen is so much smaller.

Another point is light leakage. In bed with no other light sources, the Sony Reader is much brighter than the backlit iPAQ hx4700 wich I was using before I got the Sony. Even on the low light setting it illuminates the room so much that it becomes distracting for my girlfriend unless she happens to be facing away from me. The excess light comes from the vertical edges of the wegde. The pictures posted in this thread show this fine. I will try to put some opaque tape on the edges to see if that helps and whether that affects the illumination of the e-ink surface. Has anyone tried this yet?

Overall I am not unhappy with my purchase of the reading light cover, even though it may sound that way. It is just that I had higher expectations towards the image quality. I find the build quality of the reading light cover to be excellent.
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