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As a suggestion to Booxtor, devices support large SDs however when you put a few thousand documents/files it needs quite some time to just open the "sd" menu, and even larger to use the search function to look for a book, also in that case, if you have many, the search may crash after some time.. and go back to the main screen, btw that happens using "extreme" sds which are the fastest on small files and sorting..

That needs to be fixed, its not a hardware problem but software.

There could be an option to create a sqlite cache, a database of the files, for those who won't move the books/pdf much, then when you search for a book or open the sd menu.. the device won't need to look for the thousand files and folders at once (i'm not talking about metadata, just files), the database is saved, but should not be created automatically when a sd is inserted or the device is started (that would lagg it a lot)

Its a loot faster to make a query to the database file (is just one file) than look for thousands on a slow access device as sd cards.

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