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Originally Posted by fraylocus View Post
It was announced that come with Android.

it wasn't, they said there could be a system version with android

anyway, really you don't want android on a device like this, is an ereader

android is awful on resources and performance, is made to be able to use many different and crappy java apps without much configuration, and its basically an emulator over a stripped linux

you can have a full linux system with desktop/graphic support and network on 50MB memory, you can't do that with android

the current system that the device uses is the same "mini linux" used in routers and modems

android will be slower due the lot of unused software & runtimes, more battery usage, and also if people want android because the "market" of apps well.. i doubt you'll be able to run more than a pair on apps at the same time on 128MB ram

in fact android should work almost out-of-the box on the device, the cpu & network is supported, and internal storage is quite simple, on the other side you need a driver for the device buttons & light control (shouldn't be complicated to make i guess), but what is trickier is a proper controller for the screen, to make it refresh properly, dunno

i'd port any full linux before android

edit: 128MB are the minimal requirements for the firsts versions of android 4yrs ago, and they've bloated it well since then, android 2.x should be possible

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