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Originally Posted by inthemood View Post
What's true for the firefly is probably basically true for the normal HD (besides the light control of course)

That is : (quoting older posts)

… the font in menus is indeed too small. The menu will be definitely redesigned soon (currently it is the same menu as in big screen models).

… the menus are TINY which makes interacting with the machine somewhat unpleasant

I personally don't find them small, maybe people is used to low resolution screens with big characters, but well i guess is just a matter of tastes.

… if the dictionary fonts were bigger/zoomable and if double tapping on a word INSIDE the dictionary window would bring up a further dictionary entry (Kindle style) that would be perfect.

… Right now it feels like it is the wrong software in the right hardware.

… it would be really nice to see the results of an edit (ie- zoom, font, font size, margin, etc…) without leaving the edit menu, allowing to easily correct a setting, or compare different views. It is a standard feature in some other e-readers and I think it would greatly enhance the friendliness of use of the interface of the i62HD Firefly (or normal). That and making the icons and the texts of the user interface LARGER.

that could be a bit tricky to make because you need to render two parts of the screen separately, currently all is see are overlays, i agree could be useful

… and especially the text in the dictionary window, larger, bolder
And the keyboard, bold please
why bolder? shouldn't be better more separation between the characters and a bit bigger?
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