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Originally Posted by jiminrussell View Post
Don't know if this is your issue or not, I know that I thought the same thing with my glo cover but later realized it was just the device itself putting itself to sleep if I was too slow to read the first page after opening the cover. It times out after about 60 seconds and goes back to sleep if I don't turn the page or tap somewhere on the screen. I assume this was done to prevent the battery from draining if the cover is opened accidentally.

I find it irritating myself, if it was just another 30 seconds longer I don't think I would have an issue, I guess I am just a slow reader, or I need to use a bigger font so there is less to read on the page and can get though it in less than 60 seconds.
Oh, that makes sense. That must be it. Glad to know it now, I'll just have to read faster or just tap the screen just to say 'yes I'm here reading it' I have my font set fairly small so while I do read quick there's a lot to read on screen.

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