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Smile Onyx I62HD Firefly Video & some pics.

Hello, so i recently got one of these ereaders... and since i haven't seen many close-up screen videos... i tried to make one.

The video is quite short, because of the file size limit on vimeo ... i'm not friend of youtube.

The light source is not the best.. were fluorescents.. so it flickers, also white balance is somewhat off.., the screen is clearly whiter than on the video, and the frontlight is not bluish for the eye, also contrast is higher in reality.
But well.. i hope it may help any of you wondering how this little thing works

Not many functions shown, no sound, just to see screen quality.

BTW, i got this from Booxtor's store, the first shipment was literally destroyed by the courier company (RIP poor ereader..), however they were helpful and sent another unit fast

Video --->>

Also some pics;

Light off -->>

Light on -->>

I didn't have much time and i wanted to do this before i forget and days pass.., i should have taken more time for better lighting/focusing/balances :/ maybe i could take more later.

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