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PDF to XML Conversion of Business Documents

I am a distributor and receive a lot of Invoices & Purchase Orders in PDF format. Can someone tell me how I could convert these to proper XML so I can load them into my software. I use Quickbooks for Invoices and Navision for Purchase Orders. I know there are generic tools for exporting a PDF to XML but the XML they generate is useless for this. I need real structured XML not just the words exported in a jumble which all I've found so far.
Its a common misconception that Adobe and other off the shelf tools can save a document in XML for more than just text searching. Unfortunately nothing exists to simply "save" a PDF into an XML that is useable for this type of situation. All PDFs are different (even if they don't look that different) so there is no generic way to do this. You'd need to use one of the services out there that do this specifically for these situations. What you need is a EDI grade XML conversion service.

One popular one that I've heard of (and witnessed) is EDI Link by EC Dynamics - They do a variety of document types.

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