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I've had mine for about two weeks now and after being a bit grumpy at first I am quite pleased with it. Discovery bar, waste of time, don't even bother with it. I thought 7 ins would be just right but I didn't realise that like pc screens they measure from corner to corner, so I think I shall maybe look for larger.

Having said that the rest works extremely well, better than the Nexus or BNoble. I like the fact I can get my books from anywhere with no hassle. It is quite fast doing anything and the only gripe I have is that battery life with the internet on is not so good. One afternoon when I was playing around with it, it died within about 2.5 hours. Turning it off while reading is your best bet.

It is good to hold as well although when the specialised cases come in I'll have one. Any 7inch screen will have limitations, especially if you want to use it as a full blown computer, think again. For carting around in your bag though, it is perfect.

My biggest want now is finding a reader app that is easy on the eye, best so far is the Kindle, with a top and bottom gap. Text filling the screen is not good, like reading something with no paragraphs.

I can't understand why it has not hit the tech reviews yet, they seem to aim for the Barnes Noble, which with a 'buy our books only' view is not what we want. I would give it 9/10, maybe they might bring out one a tad larger say 8.9.
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